The game hub for the Cemu emulator.


CemUI is an open source GUI front end for the Cemu WiiU emulator, built in NodeJS and Electron.


Game Storing/Listing
Game data is automatically downloaded, stored and displayed for all games.
Data Display
Game data (ESRB, overview, compatibility, etc) is shown when clicking a game.
View Modes
Games can be listed in either a box or list view. There is also a toggle-able dark theme.
Tracking Play Time
CemUI keeps track of how long you play each game.
SMM Level Support
CemUI can download SMM (Super Mario Maker) levels for you.
Open Source
CemUI is comepletely open source. This means you can download the source, customize the program, and build your own custom version.

Planned Features

Controller Testing/Support
Plan to add the ability to test your controller functionality right from the launcher.
Steam Big Picture Mode
Additional view modes, including a Steam Big Picture Mode are planned.
Additional Themes
More themes than just the dark and light themes.
Full Screen Option
The ability to launch Cemu in full screen.
Multiple Cemu "instances"
Support for multiple versions of Cemu (due to compatibility reasons).
Decaf Support
The ability to use both Cemu and Decaf from the same launcher.


You can download the latest version of CemUI from the GitHub Releases page.